A day of Mountain Biking and Climbing – Costa Blanca North

Over the course of the last 4 months Dilly and I have been exploring the mountains surrounding the small village of Bolulla. We’ve spent days summiting into the clouds, descending into canyons, multi-pitch climbing and realizing we were missing one piece of essential kit: Mountain Bikes.
After picking up two sweet new rides we decided the goat track on the mountain behind the house was the perfect way to break them in. Unfortunately for us the only way to race down into the valley was to carry them up the side of the mountain first.
20 minutes of playing sherpa with the bikes; we finally reached the top…exhausted even before we start. Thank god it’s all down hill for now.

Dilly threw the GoPro on and we started bombing down the tracks. Jumping from rut to rut, getting shredded by the gorse and dodging weird procession caterpillars. We finally made it down to the bottom of the valley and took a break on the dried up river bed. We “borrowed” a couple of oranges from the orchard, sat back and revelled in the epic view that surrounded us. It’s hard to describe how special this place is and the way it makes you feel; but we’ll try. Looking up we see mountains that reach the sky, so close that you can touch them. The mountains seemingly grow out of the orange groves that circle below. No sounds except the humming of the bees who’s hives are nearby. The colour of the mountains seem to change with the movement of the sun. Picture deep oranges to moody greys. You’re constantly seeing something new.
It really is hard to put such a place into words!

After an attempt at riding our bikes up the other side of the valley we stopped on the sharp S-Bends with sheer drops at either side. At this point Dilly is having a panic attack over the height and realizes with utter exhaustion rolling back to the main road is a must.

As we make our way slowly back up to the house we are passed by the pro training teams for Tour De France and Vuelta a Espana. We felt pretty stoked to be getting “the riders wave” as they flew past. We felt like we were part of the club!

This area of the Costa Blanca is riddled with amazing MTB tracks. You can spend days getting lost in the hills discovering stunning views. This was only our first ride but we are pumped for the next!

Once on home ground we ditched the bikes for tuna sandwiches and beer. Feeling a high from the perfect day we decided why end it then. Grabbing our gear bag we headed down to  an unreal crag 10 minutes down the road.
We only had 2 hours of sunlight left so we wanted to make the most of it. Jumping into our harnesses, loading up on quickdraws and tying in – I started my ascent on a 25m wall. Making my way up along narrow cracks and tiny crimps I finally made it to what from below looked like a nice little shelf…ie- a resting spot. To my horror it was nothing of the sort. Realizing at the top that I was one carabiner short I ditched the chalk bag, tossing it down to Dilly who has now been blocking me for about 10 minutes. I’IMG_4703ll preface this by saying you should always trust your equipment, but when you’re clinging on for dear life that trust swiftly goes out the window. Clipping into my personal rope which literally looks like a shoelace I started to panic. From below Dilly was keeping me calm and reassuring me that all I needed to do was trust my equipment, get tied back in and relax. Thanks to her I managed to regain composure, tied myself back into my harness and made my way back down. As my feet hit the ground we realized the sun was setting through the trees. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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