Yellow Meryl

Before we set out on our first trip in the van, we have to get her ready. The Vauxhall camper-van that we’ve affectionately named, ‘Yellow Meryl’ will be our home on wheels. Our cozy little bedroom, living room, kitchen and washroom…all in one cozy little space.

We spent some time adding things to the van that we thought we would need while travelling. Building up our supplies in our van-sized pantry. With everything that we added; it wYellow Merylas beginning to feel like our own. Dilly was making modifications to a collapsable countertop, doing little repairs here and there so that we were making the most out of our space.

Apart from adding our personal touch to the van, we had a lot of learning to do. Yellow Meryl isn’t the smallest van. She has a lot of working parts that take some getting used to. Things like making sure certain pumps and switches are on at the right time and off at others. Learning how to make a bed which is also a couch…which is also storage. Oh, and the toilet! Knowing how to empty a chemical toilet without wanting to gag was a learning curve we are both still flipping a coin over. But hey, its all part of the fun!

Next step: Where to first. With the warmer parts of Spain in our crosshairs, we’ll be on the road in no Cozy Cornerstime.

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