The stomach part of the adventure!

Living in a van does not mean you have to live off frozen pizza and cans of beans forever. There are loads of amazing meals  you can whip up on an attainable budget.

Im sure a lot of you may think that the small kitchen in a van would restrict what delights you can make; but that’s not so true. I worked for many years cooking food for up to 100 people while I had my catering van in Toronto. Working on film sets I learned very quickly how to cook in a small space.

IMG_1993In our food section I will be  posting recipes of dishes we cook along the way. From traditional to very untraditonal eats. In the van we have a small cooker with an oven, and we use a portable charcoal BBQ for the majority of the cooking. With each meal we post we will pair a local wine or beer all within a reasonable price range!

Europe has a bounty of amazingly healthy eats! There is nothing better than heading down to the harbour in the morning and picking up a bag of the morning catch. You will also find pretty much every town and Village has a veggie market once or twice a week, where you can pick up the most incredible local produce for very cheap. Another great tip is Lidl (a grocery store you can find anywhere in Europe) has a theme once a week. I find this is the best way to collect the more unusual products e.g. sushi products, indian spices etc.

Keep checking this section as we hunt down all the secret recipes from the Nonas, YaYas, and Abuelas (all the cute little Grandmas).



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