The food market of Altea.

The hustle and bustle of the Tuesday morning  food market in the small historical town of Altea.

Altea comes from the Greek Altahia which means “I cure”.

The small labyrinth of back Streets which lead you into the Tuesday morning food market are dotted with music and  art supply shops as Altea was alway a destination   for the arty types to flock to. It has a different feel to it then most other Spanish villages, very pleasing on the eye.

IMG_2784The feeling in the air is one of playfulness as the food sellers shout back and forth to one another ,” my tomatos are cheaper and better then his” a lady shouts with a big smile on her face and a wink thrown in for good measure. The children run up in between the stalls in a game of chase and the dogs meet and greet each other as their owners exchange smiles. The market is alive with the hustle and bustle of  Tuesday morning food market, the street is flooded with colour from the bright red strawberries to the vibrant leafy greens. “Anything for a Euro”, an unshaven man shouts from behind his stall…  ” and i will throw in a bunch of parsley for free!”. The abuelas move slowly but steadily  towards him waving their money in hand. The cafes that line the street are full of locals and tourist sitting with their cafe con leches watching the world go by and catching up on the weekly events.

Altea is a beautiful city drenched in history; the Iberians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Muslims have all left there mark on this town. The old part of the town is up the cobbled streets where their wrought iron balconies, overflowing with flowers follows you as yIMG_2818ou go to the stunning square where the views are a sight not to miss. Sitting in the square is the blue domed church the Virgen del Consulo which is surrounded by small cafes where you can sit and take in the marvel and  feel you have been transported back in time.

The smell wafting out of the churros van is intoxicating. Children drag their parents in the direction hoping for the sugary treat. The sun is high in the sky now  and the sellers will soon be pulling out their boxes to pack up; Siesta awaits, where Altea will revert back to its  sleepy Spanish town for another week.


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