Punk Rock Hits Bolulla, Spain

This is the last place on earth you would every imagine hearing a punk rock band

The church bells clang out over the small sleepy village of Bolulla, nestled in the mountains of Spain where the old ladies shuffle through the square  to the only shop in the village donned in housecoats and slippers no matter what time of day it is. Where the quite streets have balconies with clothes hung up to dry in the midday sun and where you can actually hear a pin drop. This is the last place on earth you would ever imagine hearing a punk rock band scream out covers of the Ramones, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs. Let me introduce you to the JET SCREAMS, a local band of family men who are reliving their punk years in the sleepy mountains of Bolulla….and they are doing it very well!

The one and only bar in the village of Bolulla is Bar l’era which on most days is a very typical Spanish bar with its daily line up of fresh tapas atop the bar. This hidden gem of a bar was the backdrop for the JET SCREAMS outdoor concert in support of cancer research. We watched as they set up their equipment across the road from the bar, leaving only a narrow passage so that the odd car and moped could pass. Local kids played and kicked a football around in front of the amps until the street lights began to flicker on signalling the start of the party. As the night grew darker and the sun dipped behind the mountains the strobe lights lit up like a fire in the kick drum and with one massive power cord, the JET SCREAMS were live. Hammering out songs that rocked the village to its core, they had everyone in the crowd showing off their best air guitar.


As the songs floated through the warm evening air, traditional Paella was served to all that were there in support of the cause. People sat around eating, drinking, laughing and singing all to show their love for a small, tight-knit community.
There is something really special when a group of people come together despite age, nationality, language or musical interest for one common goal.




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