Rennes Le Chateau

Way before Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code, I’ve always been mildly intrigued (obsessed) by Rennes Le Chateau and the whole story of (priest name) finding something that would change christianity and the history of the knights templar.

Being a conspiracy theorist, you don’t understand how excited I was to see the church and all its mystery that is held within its walls. We didn’t realize once we got there that we would be in for such a treat and intense experience.

Driving up to the chateau in the campervan was an experience in and of itself. Once you make the trek up the ridge the views are quite stunning. From the top of the ridge the rolling french countryside was humbled by the pyranese mountains in the background. You could have imagined the knights templar galloping up on their horses to bury their secrets in the tiny village that sits upon the ridge.

The village itself has an air of mystery about it. With its little back streets that lead you up to the iglés, its no wonder that once we came face to face with entrance we were wowed. After so many years of reading and watching documentaries about this place it felt pretty overwhelming to be standing at the gates of the church.

Stepping through the threshold of the church you are immediately greeted by the devil himself. Holding up a bowl of holy water and with 4 apostles above him its is quite a site to see. Once we looked down the aisle towards the alter that suggested that jesus was a twin you can’t help but start to get wrapped up with the conspiracy that floods this church.

Filling the church were people from all walks of life who were clearly there to have some sort of religious experience. Women with head scarfs were leaning on one another crying, wailing, visibly exhausted by whatever had overcome them. Men sat with their heads in their hands as if they were deep in thought. There was one woman who paced the aisle pointing at every corner of the church, talking in tongue and making spiralling hand gestures. We sat at the back not believing what we were seeing…wondering what the hell was going on. Dan Brown himself couldn’t even write this shit. The energy in this place was so heavy. There was a palpable intensity in the room that you couldn’t escape. After waiting so many years to visit Rennes Le chateau we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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