Time to travel

A few days ago a friend of ours posed a question to us; “how did you know it was the right time?”. I think this is a question we haven’t really thought about since we had to almost a year ago. Now that some time has passed and we can rehash on all the things we were feeling at the time we made the decision to move to Europe, it’s easier to answer these questions with honesty and insight.

When we were living in Toronto we felt almost simultaneously like we had outgrown our surroundings. We were finding it hard to experience things that ignited our souls. Working jobs that left us like two ships passing in the night; we felt separated by our obligations to life in the city. We had an apartment, that although we loved, made us feel trapped. We wanted more. We craved new experiences, new views, the unknown and a sense of freedom.

The question of expectations and steps involved is a difficult one to answer. I believe that the experience of making such a big decision would be different for each individual. For us, the decision was made and we had the desire and followthrough to make it happen. That doesn’t mean it was easy. We had a lot to think about and there was a lot of variables to work into the equation. Family and friends – missing the people you love is always going to be on your mind, but you know at the end of the day that those people are going to be the constant in life and distance doesn’t matter because there is no limit to how far love can travel.

Fear. Fear is going to be both your motivator and your worst enemy. I wholeheartedly believe that fear is an integral part of life. It is something you’re going to live with and at times it will push you to do things you never thought possible of yourself, and at other times it will try its hardest to dictate your journey. Our fear was complacency. To stay in the life we lived, safely and with security. Or to take that leap into the unknown, fearing the hardships but relishing in our newest adventure. We could have easily made the choice to stay and enjoy new horizons in a two week a year style, but we let the fear of contentment push us into making the move.

If there is one piece of advice that we can offer to people who are looking straight down the centre of a fork in their road it would be that there is never going to be ‘a right time’ in life. You can always wait until you have more money, until you’ve secured a better position in your job, until life is handing opportunities to you on a silver platter…but we can honestly say that if you have this mindset…you’ll always find a reason to wait.

Don’t spend your days waiting for the perfect moment, make the perfect moment happen. You are just as much in control of your path as we are. Never settle for anything less than what will make you happy. There will be days that are harder than others, there will be a new set of things to think about but at the end of the day you will have the power of knowing that you did it. You set out living your life the way you want to live it. You’ll shine from this knowledge and you’ll open yourself up for so much.

We only have one go at this life. Get out there and look fear square in the face and say, “I’m ready”.

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4 thoughts on “Time to travel

  1. Brenda Gilbert

    Dearest Jessie and Dilly,
    I absolutely love what you write here. It’s so honest, simple and inspiring. I wish you both always and only the very best that life has to offer and the continuing courage to seize that “best” with both hands and to enjoy every minute of it.
    With much love and many blessings


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