Toronto: Visiting the world in one city

Started from the bottom now we’re here
Started from the bottom now my whole team here

After all the places we’ve been to and have written about, we realized we forgot to write about a place we called home for a long time: Toronto.

The greatest thing about Toronto is its diversity. You will find every race, culture, religion, language and socio-status here. Whatever flavour you want to indulge in, you can find in the city of Toronto. It is a melting pot by every definition. From pakoras in little India on Gerard, to spanakopitas in Greek town on the Danforth; this city truly is a harmonious one.

With every kind of food, comes a neighbourhood. This is what makes Toronto so attractive as a city. Other cities in the world should take a leaf out of Torontos book when it comes integrating different cultures in one place. It really does feel like you’re walking through Seoul when you are in Korea town. You can immerse yourself in the culture when you’re passing through little Italy. Traditions are upheld and respected by everyone, which is such a rarity in the world.

Housing one of the best food markets you can step foot into in North America; St. Lawrence Market is chalker block full of everything you can imagine. You can spend your day eating your way through the aisles and stalls of the market. Without a doubt it is a must see if you’re ever in the city.

Toronto can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. There are parts of the city for every budget. You can go glam and glitz and eat sushi at Hashimoto for around $800 or you can eat some of the best Salvadorian food at Tacos El Asador
for under $10. This goes not only for food, but for bars as well. You can wine and dine the night away in cocktail bars in the financial district, or you can sit in a hole in the wall and drink Labatt 50’s on Queen west (where you’ll find man buns and beards everywhere…the “cool” part of town).

If you’re looking for live entertainment this city is not short of it. Pick up a free copy of NOW weekly (which can be found at every corner) to see what live music is playing that week. There are so many venues and styles of music playing at any given moment, you won’t have any trouble finding your groove.

When you’re ready to get your tourist on, you don’t have to worry about renting a car. Downtown has a bunch of options for transportation. From Bixi bikes, to street cars, buses and a very small subway system; the TTC has you covered. And we swear, TTC doesn’t really stand for Take The Car. If you’re into experiencing the city by foot – Toronto is a very walkable city. Walking through the backstreets and finding hidden gems was always something we loved to do.

Exploring Toronto doesn’t only mean wandering the concrete jungle all day. There are a ton of places to get your much needed dose of fresh air. Within the city you can follow nature trails where you wouldn’t even know you’re in the heart of downtown. There are stunning parts where you can find some quiet time or ride your bike along the waterfront. You can even take a fairy to the islands, yes, Toronto does have islands! Toronto Island is a great place to get away from the city for the day. For a 10 minute fairy ride you can escape the hustle and bustle and have a picnic on a car free island. The view of the city from here is one worth coming to see.

We have such fond memories of Toronto. This where we called home. These were the streets we knew so well. When we lived here we turned this city into our playground. Always discovering something new; adventuring by bike until we thought our legs were going to drop off. Toronto is a brilliant place to be exactly who you want to be. You come here and you will always find your people. It is beautiful for that and we will always give homage to all that this city taught us.

We are only back here for 3 months to visit family and fill up the bank accounts, then we are back off in the van again for more adventures. If you are reading this and feel like Toronto might be on your hit-list; email us if you have any questions and we will send you in the direction to all the places you won’t find in the tourist information centre 🙂

PS- Don’t forget…This is the city of Drake!

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