The best travel apps

There’s an app for that!

The coming of age and the advent of the smart phone has changed the way we travel; whatever info you are looking for there’s an app for that.

Apps do a great job of making our lives easy with on the spot info at a click of a button, but which ones do you really need; well that comes down to the type of travel you like to do. You could spend hours sifting through the 1000’s of apps out there, but we have tried to make this easier for you. Im a bit of a geek when it comes to apps, I love discovering the latest and greatest, but I have found there are a select few that I seem to use more than others and I wouldn’t do without them.


This is an amazing app if you don’t have internet and you are in the middle of nowhere. We use this app a lot while we are in our van traveling around and getting lost, it has saved us many times. The app has Great map detail, gives you the ability to plan routs (A to B), and you can use GPS coordinates to find out what is around you all while being offline. This really is a must have mapping tool and is very user friendly.

Google Translate

This app is so handy in everyday life, I have gone through a lot of online translator apps and hands down Google wins here. Google Translate uses augmented reality translation via the built in camera on your phone. Simply turn on your camera in the app and hold it over the sentence you are trying to read and it will translate it into the language you desire. You can download languages in app which makes it simple to use when you’re offline. Also, you can speak the sentence into your phone or even scribble down on the screen what symbols/words you are seeing and it will all will be translated. A real gem and one I use a lot in the supermarkets in Spain while I’m truing to understand what I’m holding in my hands!


A great app if you like to know what the weather is going to be like over the course of a few days. This app tells you water temperatures and wind/rain conditions. It is great if you’re a surfer, boater, kayaker, and will even give you snow conditions for all you snowboarders out there! Storm app tracks storms right down to your next earthquake, straight up brilliant! Works for all over the world!


With the tag line “Leave the risk, Take the adventure”, it kinda says it all. This amazing app will let you know where travel is safe and where to be cautious, right down to little back streets in little city’s all over the world. GeoSure works off an online community where you can send updates from where you are, they also get updated stats from the United Nations, CDC, WHO, State Department, Interpol. If your traveling and you’re concerned about safety, go here first and know where you’re heading to.


I pretty sure you will have this or at lest know what this is, or maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years. With all the messaging apps out there this is probably your best bet as everyone has it and there is no need to get your Grandma to download another app so you can chat. The great thing about this app is that you don’t have to pay crazy roaming charges for texting, calling or video chat while abroad. It’s a great way to keep in touch with back home.


This will only apply to you if you are camping or in a camper van, but having said that this is a killer app to have on your phone. Again, this is a community updated app where fellow campers send in comments and photos about places to stay. From free to paid, you can find out what facilities awaits you, how safe the spot is and whats around you. This is a great app to find some off the beaten track spots to stay. We have found some brilliant places thanks to this app. We really love it and use it a lot. We have found spots on here that the guide books don’t even tell you about. A very easy to use app, posts are accompanied by GPS coordinate.


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