Our campervan, Meryl

Meryl is a bright yellow, fully equipped Vauxhall Movano conversion. Since we’ve been back from our 3 month stint in Canada we have been getting her ready to get back on the road and start our next adventure. We have had a few people ask us how we manage to live in a van, so we thought we would do a little write up on her so you can see just how pimping life can be in a van!

We feel super lucky to have such an amazing van like Meryl. We have everything we need between her 4 wheels. From a full bathroom, a heater that runs on diesel, a kitchen and the comfiest bed we have ever slept on which doubles as two couches that are perfect for watching late night TV…. yep even a TV.

The kitchen runs on propane gas which powers the fridge and cooker. We have two leisure batteries that cover our lights and radio. When we fully charge the batteries we can easily last 4 days wild camping and not have to worry about plugging in. Our gas will last us roughly a month out on the road running the fridge and cooker..(we do like to cook a lot as you can tell from the rest of our blog)

Meryl has a built in awning that makes the space feel so much bigger when pulled out. We lay out our floor mat and put our table and chairs out and its like having a whole other room. You can also add a zip on room if we’ve got a few extra campers.

When we have a full tank of water and the van is plugged in we can have a steaming hot shower, which is nice on the cooler days. A cassette toilet which is super clean and easy yo use.

In the winter we carry a small generator which runs on petrol that we can use while wild camping. So you’re never needing electricity or a hook up.

The van has really good storage. Beneath the two couches there is room to stow clothes and any other extra bits you might need. There is also 4 cubbies above each side of the van that are probably meant for clothes but holds all of our climbing gear, skateboards and Guitar.

One feature of the van that we both love is the way we can swivel the passenger side seat around. Another great thing about Meryl are all her windows! She has 3 windows on each side which flip out…kind of like a food truck. It allows the van to feel airy and open while also bringing in so much light and warmth.

With a fully equipped kitchen form 4 ring gas burner and oven we have no limits on what foods we are craving..good storage space for groceries and beer as well.

The very back of the van is where we keep all our batteries, cassette for the toilet, tools, chairs, BBQ and all other things that need storing. When the back doors are closed we have a duel bike back rack that perfectly holds our two dirt jumper mountain bikes.

Living in a van and exploring the world is such an amazing thing and we don’t go a day without acknowledging how lucky we are. If you’re interested in living/traveling in a van and are thinking about converting your own this website is pretty awesome and offers a lot of inspiration!

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