Keen boots review

I was out hiking the other day and I looked down at my feet and noticed my boots were looking a bit worse for wear. After 2 years of hiking, canyoning, walking up river beds, mountain biking, rock climbing and so on, I thought it was time to replace my beloved boots.

So I was thinking what it is that have made these boots so good over all the other brands I have worn in the past and I came up with a few key reasons why I will be replacing my old keens, with some new keens.

Firstly, I love the wideness of the toe area. You have a lot of room in them so your foot never feels crushed and if you need to add that extra pair of socks in the winter you have the room to!

The ankle support is awesome. Full padding all the way around which makes them the ideal boot for when you are scrambling up and down mountains.

The other key factor as to why I love these boots so much is the fact that they’re brilliantly waterproof. When we are canyoning in them it’s not until we have our feet fully submerged do your feet start to feel wet…(flows in over the top) The technology of the boot is so clever that walking in rain or through puddles of water will not be a problem, your feet will stay dry.

They never rubbed from day 1! Straight out of the box these beauties never had me putting plasters all over my feet. They were instantly comfortable and they wore as if I had had them for years.

The sole of the boot has wicked grip. We have worn ours in so many different weather and terrain conditions. From snow and ice, to desert and mountain shale, all with no slide.

They’re not heavy at all. This is super important to me! I like to have lightweight boots on my feet or light boots in my bag if I’m backpacking. They make for the perfect travel boot.

Its a great all around boot for travel and adventure. When you put your boots on and you’re ready to face that day you want to feel confident and ready for anything …. these boots make you feel that.

For me, now that I have gone through my first few years in keens there is definitely no going back. This boot is solid so go get your feet into a pair and do that superman/woman pose and get ready to tackle that mountain…you won’t regret it.

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