If you follow us you will already know Jess and I are from Canada ( well jess is, I’m a resident) So we have been on a little trip back to CND for just over a month. We were lucky enough to hit canada in the best time of year; Fall. This is really when Canada comes alive! Colour is bursting all over the place, it looks like the countryside is on fire.  As we get ready to pack up our backpacks and head back to Europe we feel full in our bellies…full of the warm fuzzy feeling Canada gives you. The sweet smell of maple syrup and the colours of fall all laying fondly in our minds.

We have been hiding out in the country surrounded by forests and small back roads lined with fields of corn…I guess the reason I’m writing this post today is to tell you Canada should be on your list of countries to see. Unlike the popular myth, it does not snow everyday of the year in Canada! In fact, it’s still one of the countries left that has all 4 seasons…( fall being the best) Here are some things you might like to know:

This is probably  the most polite country in the world! You will hear sorry about 10 times  a day no lie, and doors are still held open for you here! No matter if you are a 10 minute walk away. This over educated country still make you do the math on all purchases! The taxes are not included on the price tag…so don’t be alarmed when your 5 dollar purchase is actually 10! This is a country where tipping is a national sport, even when ordering takeout you lay down that oh so generous 15% tip. Where  chipmunks, squirrels and raccoons run wild…even in the cities. Where out in the mountains where the moose roam there is a police force that wear funny  trousers…..known as the Mounties.

I could go on here about how big and vast canada is but you know that its massive. From the mountains in B.C. to the Paris of the Prairies in Saskatoon, to small fishing villages on the East Coast there are miles of this golden land.

This country loves a pickup truck, the bigger the better but they don’t like to change gear here… so everything is automatic. When hockey is on TV the streets are deserted but the sports bars are full. This is the land of bear spray,moose whistles, where everyone owns a snow shovel, oh, and bags of milk…yes I said bags of milk!!

The great white north
True north strong and free
I am Canadian
Tim hortons …double double.
Two-four (of beer)
Canadian tire

These are words that sum up Canada! Like i said earlier, if this place is not on your list it should be! Come to a country where you will be made to feel welcome and the queen is on the money.


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