Back to Bolulla: Spain’s best kept secret?

After our month and a half in Canada to visit family and friends we are back in the mountains of Spain where the air is so clear and the scenery is breath taking. This really could be Spain’s best kept secret…it’s certainly Costa Blanca’s.  

You have probably never heard of Bolulla or of the surrounding villages that make up this picturesque area. If you travel only an hour down the mountain people you meet have never heard of the village of Bolulla. The general response when you mention its name is, “dónde?”. Although this happens all the time, its not all that surprising! This quant hamlet is over shadowed by the crazy holiday resort of Benidorm…. Its hard to believe this is just an hour away from the slow way of life in the mountains. We’re sure you are having the same reaction everyone has when we say we live inland from Benidorm…. “oh”….. Even if you have not seen the TV show by the same name, it still conjures up images of drunk shirtless Brits partying their faces off, passing out on the beach wearing a “kiss me quick” hat…..telling you to SHUT UP!

Well, you would not be far wrong. But if you jump in a car and head up to the mountains way off into the distance behind Benidorm (past fonts de l’Algar… yes keep going, there is life up there) snuggled deep in the mountains you will find this paradise. Its like driving into a different world from the coast.
If you’re a lover of hiking, climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, trad climbing, cyanoning and the outdoors; this place is your ultimate playground!
What will strike you first is the scenery. The massive mountain ranges, the fuit lined tracks, the tucked away villages time has forgotten dotted with lovely B & B’s, great Air B & B’s or top notch hotels. You can really choose how you want to experience this place.

If you want to get away from the crowds you can still do this in Spain. All you need to do is go inland. Brits have definitely done a number on the Costas in Spain but don’t let that put you off. If you’re an adventure seeker and like winter sun with tempters in the 20’s in mid November, and you want a taste of real Spain, then this place is not to be missed.



4 thoughts on “Back to Bolulla: Spain’s best kept secret?

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