A story of a village and the love for a dog

This is a story of love, and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face and give you that warm fuzzing feeling inside than nothing will.As you know by now we are living in the lovely little mountain village of Bolulla. There are many reasons why this village is special but one of the main reasons is its love of animals. The care taker of the village is a huge cat lover so all the stray cats are lotted a certain amount of the village funds for food and spaying. Food is always put out for the strays, especially by 2 local ladies who have made it their lives mission to make sure these animals are cared for. This is a fruit growing village so having the cats around looking healthy and happy not only looks good but it also keeps the fruit rats at bay. It is a true testament to nature living in harmony.

The dogs of the village all have learnd to live together as well. The owners just open their doors and the dogs spend the day enjoying the mountain and the village, and every morning at 7am the care taker of the village walks with his bucket of water and bleach and pours it over all the dog pee so no one complains about the smell!!

So when a few mouths back one of the loveliest most gentle dogs (Porca) went into season, no one knew she had been caught out, so Porca fell pregnant and got bigger and bigger. Our friend, and Porcas owner was a little worried how he was going to afford the food and the care taking of porca was going to need through this time.

9am on a Sunday morning we get a text from Radek, Porcas owner, “the 1st puppy is coming!!!!” Jessie and I rush over to our friends house and Porca was in labour!!! 24 hours of labour. Porca is a little older  so we sat with her and helped her through it. She had 5 beautiful pups. Jess and I said we would go and start getting good food for her so she could stay strong and keep producing milk. Word got out around the village that Porca had had her pups and thats when the 1st knock at our door started. Donations of fresh meat, gourmet dog food, biscuits, blankets, towels treats, puppy food, even a gas fire and gas so the pups could stay warm at night started showing up! The list was endless… the love for this dog is huge, people wanted to help this girl out and be part of her well being. This dog has touched the hearts of so many people. It really got to us. So amazing it is to see a village come together in the name of love, maybe we’re wrong but we feel this is so rare in the world now, others thinking of others…especially animals. It makes our heart grow ten fold! This community is so special and we can’t say that enough!

2 thoughts on “A story of a village and the love for a dog

  1. omg this actually made my eyes water a little. It’s so weird – we actually holidayed in a village in Spain and they were all really protective of their stray animals too. Resturaunts would all put their leftovers outside after closing xx


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