3 things to do off the beaten track in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca estimates about 1.4 million tourist each summer with most hitting the coast line in towns such as Benidorm, Torrevieja, Denia and all in-between, but if kiss me quick hats, knees up mother brown, and the Chas and Dave cover bands are not your thing …here’s some salvation, if your a bit adventurous or you just want a break from it all, then this is what you need, 3 amazing places you will want to check out and explore!


Castell de Castells Castle

Castell castle is a great hike if you are looking to get a good walk in with breath taking views, there are a few routes up to the castle, some can take several hours and other can take about a hour and a half. Head to the village of Castell de Castells you can find the  refugio  (this is a nature park area) just on the outskirts of town you can park and start the hike from here, just look out for the small trail markers. Once you reach the top, climb to the castle, (if you are not scared of heights) scramble up to the very top to see the breath taking views ( with the shear drops)  that over looking Guadalest and right down to the coast, the colour of the reservoir will leave you with you jaw on the floor!

Gorg del Salt

This one is a goodie, really off the beaten track and really worth the drive. As the crow flies this is very much in land from Denia.. but most of the times we come over the top to it from Bolulla, with saying that the 1st thing to mention is depending on which way you are heading to this destination make sure your fuel tank is full before you head out, it can be hard to find a place to fill up out there. So if you head to a town called Planes, its then about a 10 minute drive from here, head out of the town on the (CV-700) at the bridge ( if you are coming from Planes its on your left)  turn on to a small road that wides down along the river make your way until you reach a small place to pull your car off the road, you will see steps down to the emerald pool with the lovely waterfall. You will be blown away with how pretty this place is, a small paradise, the waters are always cool and lovely to swim in!

Bolulla climbing

I have left the best to last .. (this maybe is slightly biased as we live in Bolulla) but if you are looking to really test yourself or looking for a super sweet place to climb then here it is, about a 45 min drive inland from Benidorm you will come to the lovely village of Bolulla (after you have had a walk around the village and a drink at the bar ) head on over the the bridge off of the main road and turn right follow the winding road up until you see a split, take the right all the way until you come a T junction take the right again, pass the orange groves until you see a pull in for cars to park, from here follow the trail in for about 10 minutes, you will then reach the stunning wall of El Secreto, there’s all levels of climbing here, the wall does get sun in the afternoon so make it a early of late climb, you will not be sorry you made the journey here its a beautiful spot with lovely views and great routes.

I hope you enjoy these places they are all stunning and worth the trip, if you need more info on how to get to them please ask, and if you have any places you think we should visit please let us know.

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