Adventure Holidays


Welcome to Adventure holidays! You are about to discover Spains best kept secrets. From the spectacular mountains to the beautiful coast line of the Costa Blanca there lies a wonderland of hiking and canyoning with breathtaking views.

4o minutes inland from the coast is an area unlike any other regions of Spain. The notorious Sierra De Bernia towers over the traditional Spanish mountain villages that dot the mountainside.

As you enter into this stunning area you find yourself surrounded by giants. Slopping terraces built by the Moors full of almond, orange and nisperos trees which are famous to this region.

The beauty of this terrain is that it caters to all experience levels. Wether you’re a seasoned hiker or a first time canyoner; you can do it all within your comfort.

We are a team dedicated to finding the best these mountains have to offer to give you an unforgettable adventure.

How it all works:

What differentiates our tours from other companies is that we are a fully customizable holiday. You have the opportunity to build your own adventure package, right down to the food. If you’re looking for a completely catered holiday from large groups to small groups – from catered to non-catered; we can make it all happen. If you’re only interested in a one day hike or a full week adventure, it can all be arranged.

If your accommodation is already booked elsewhere, but you’re still looking for some adventure, this itinerary is still available. You do not have to book your accommodation with us to enjoy this experience.

Here is an example for a weeks itinerary:

  • Arrival day! Upon your arrival at the guest house of your choosing (based on group numbers) you will be greeted with a lovely glass of cava and be introduced to your guide and chef if you decide on the fully catered option. Once settled in your guide will discuss with you the activity plan for the week and asses the level of intensity your group would like. Depending on what time you arrive you will be served traditional tapas followed by a short tour of the village/area.
  • Day 1: Bolulla Castle hike – Starting at the foot of Bolulla Castle we will hike the circular walk and take in the spectacular mountain views which extend all the way down to the coastline. This mountain range is absolutely breathtaking and is a great first day hike to get to know the surrounding area and get your hiking legs. This is a moderate level hike and takes roughly 4 hours. If you have the energy at the end, the opportunity to scramble up to to the ruins of Bolulla Castle can be arranged. As with all our hikes and adventures, we stop at a stunning spot to have a bit of lunch which has been packed for you.
  • Day 2: Bolulla canyon – This is one of our favourite canyoning trips and definitely not to be missed – with or without water in the canyon. This epic walk starts with a 6 metre abseil directly into the canyon. White walls of smooth rock tower above you as you make your way through the winding pools. From there an exciting riverbed walk with a few small abseils ranging from 2-4 meters and one bigger abseil at 30 meters ( this one is optional you can walk down the side if 30 meters feel a bit too high) which leaves you in a stunning lagoon.
  • Day 3: This is a free day for rest and relaxation.
  • Day 4: We travel up to the ancient village of El Castell de Guadalest for its breath taking views. After exploring the village we will drop down into the reservoir and follow the crystal blue waters for a 10km hike.
  • Day 5: Depending on how the group is feeling there is the option of driving to the small mountain village of Tarbena where we can hike the lovely old goat tracks to catch a glimpse of some spectacular views of the valley. Or, a 6 hour hike around the famous Sierra de Bernia where you will be blown away by the panoramic views of the coast and the mountains. Crawling through a small tunnel on your hands in knees takes you from one side of the mountain to the other, where the scenery changes dramatically.
  • Day 6: This day will all depend on your leaving times.

This itinerary can be changed to suit you and your group. If harder more intense hikes, climbing or canyoning are what you want the trip to be geared towards, we can accommodate that. Everything can be discussed and planned in the booking process or when you arrive.


ALL packages include a packed lunch that you will have with you on your excursions. Pure mountain drinking water is provided to take on the trips. For an additional cost, your group can prebook a fully catered dinner that can be for one night of your holiday, or every night. Menus and dietary needs can be discussed with the chef. Anything from a traditional paella dish cooked on site to a 4 course tasting menu; it can all be arranged.


Your Guide

Jessie has been an outdoor adventurist since day one! Born in Canada, Jessie feels very at home in the mountains. She is ready to climb the next crag or hike into the hills at any moment. As an experienced rock climber and canyoner, she has scoured these mountains and hills to find you the best routes to show you the ultimate beauty and adventure there is to offer. Jessie will asses your skill levels and prepare the day based on what everyone is capable of to ensure the highest level of safety.


Your chef

Dilly was born in the UK but has lived all over the world. Her love of food started at a young age while growing up in Greece. Her knowledge of food is extensive as she has picked up new dishes from all the countries she has travelled to throughout the years. From gourmet fine dinning to classic and traditional dishes such as paella;  your pallet will be on as much of an adventure as you are.

Take a look through the incredible photos and video below to get an idea of what you’ll be experiencing on your unforgettable trip!