If you follow us you will already know Jess and I are from Canada ( well jess is, I’m a resident) So we have been on a little trip back to CND for just over a month. We were lucky enough to hit canada in the best time of year; Fall. This is really when Canada comes alive! Colour is bursting all over the place, it looks like the countryside is on fire.  As we get ready to pack up our backpacks and head back to Europe we feel full in our bellies…full of the warm fuzzy feeling Canada gives you. The sweet smell of maple syrup and the colours of fall all laying fondly in our minds.

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Keen boots review

I was out hiking the other day and I looked down at my feet and noticed my boots were looking a bit worse for wear. After 2 years of hiking, canyoning, walking up river beds, mountain biking, rock climbing and so on, I thought it was time to replace my beloved boots.

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