Bumping into the Tour de France.

We had taken Meryl ( our van) high in to the Pyrenees mountains, through windy little gorges, through cave tunnels, all to end up on the side of the road surrounded by what felt like millions of camper vans just outside of  Arreau. We had no plan to seek out the Tour de France even though we are fans we just figured it would be madness to try and get close to it, so imagine our amazement as we are driving down the road where we began to see the streets lined with camper vans with flags flying high. At first we just thought, “oh, these are very patriotic campers” but as we went further down the road it dawned on us …..we had hit  Le Tour de France country. We quickly swung the van around and parked up in one of the lay-bys with lots of other vans. The small community we had joined was made up of people from all over the world all there for the same thing; to see the sheer brilliance and athleticism of these amazing cyclist. Continue reading “Bumping into the Tour de France.”


Rennes Le Chateau

Way before Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code, I’ve always been mildly intrigued (obsessed) by Rennes Le Chateau and the whole story of (priest name) finding something that would change christianity and the history of the knights templar.

Being a conspiracy theorist, you don’t understand how excited I was to see the church and all its mystery that is held within its walls. We didn’t realize once we got there that we would be in for such a treat and intense experience. Continue reading “Rennes Le Chateau”