Rennes Le Chateau

Way before Dan Brown and the DaVinci Code, I’ve always been mildly intrigued (obsessed) by Rennes Le Chateau and the whole story of (priest name) finding something that would change christianity and the history of the knights templar.

Being a conspiracy theorist, you don’t understand how excited I was to see the church and all its mystery that is held within its walls. We didn’t realize once we got there that we would be in for such a treat and intense experience. Continue reading “Rennes Le Chateau”

Valencia Old-Town

Whenever I’ve heard someone talk about Valencia I would always think of  football, which I’m not a big fan of, so I never had a huge draw to the city as i didn’t think it would hold much for me. How wrong was I! This city is full, overflowing in history,  architecture, culture, art and is a foodies paradise. Continue reading “Valencia Old-Town”