The rain in Spain 

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane”…more like everywhere!

Over the last few days the Costa Blanca region of Spain has been slammed with a torrent of rain. Several parts of the coast are badly flooded and streets are more like flowing rivers.

The first video is from Bolulla, the small village below us. Several parts of the road have been affected by landslides and serious flooding. We’ve seen waterfalls running that have been dry for years! Continue reading “The rain in Spain “

Gorge De Galamus

We heard that if we were to visit Rennes Le chateau that the next ‘must see’ place was Galamus Gorge. A 36km drive that took us as high as mountains and as low as fields was only the beginning of our next adventure. On the way to the gorge we passed through beautiful tiny french villages that finally gave way to the most epic and terrifying drive we have ever done.

Just before we entered the gorge an ambulance that is the same size as our van overtook us and went charging on ahead. Thank god that he did because if we hadnt seen a van our size take on this road we never would have carried on. Continue reading “Gorge De Galamus”

I want to ride my bicycle

Today we took on an ambitious mountain bike ride around the mountains of Spain! Setting off towards Tarbena we carried onto the top road of Castell de Castells, past the goat shed and down into the valley behind Bolulla Castle.

It was an amazing ride that is doable for all levels of fitness. If you can get past the uphill climb; you’ll surely enjoy the speed on the way down. Continue reading “I want to ride my bicycle”