Top 5 adventure Instagram feeds

Everyday you pull out your phone and bring up Instagram to find a feed full of unreal photos documenting the insane adventures of people from around the world.

Wether you’re into videos of people base jumping in China or seeing landscape photos from the Pacific Crest Trail; Instagram captures it all. You don’t even have to leave your armchair to be a part of it.

We draw so much inspiration from seeing posts by like minded people, we’ve decided to drop our top 5 accounts that get us motivated.
Let us know in the comments below who you love to follow!

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1. @briannamadia

Brianna Madia and her husband travel in their orange van, Bertha with their two dogs, Bucket and Dagwood. Their feed is full of incredible photos of their adventures rock climbing, canyoning and living in their van. Their motto, “never leave the dogs behind” is made true when you see the epic snaps of the dogs being abseiled into the canyons. Their posts will make you want to get out and go on an adventure with your dogs.

2. @ladiesgetoutside

Ladies Get Outside is an homage to women in the outdoors. Their inspiring photos make you want to be in the mountains enjoying nature. Their page is filled with stunning landscape photos as well as pictures of women in adventure sports. Every time we scroll through their feed we are keen to grab our boots and hit the trail.

3. @she_explores

Another feed we love to follow is She Explores. Empowering women in all aspects of the outdoors and travel. Their tagline, “A website and podcast for creative, curios women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides.” was all we needed to see to hit that FOLLOW button. The photos and stories they share are incredible and showcase women in all our glory. If seeing these posts don’t push you to get out and try something that scares you, we don’t know what will!

4. @natgeoyourshot

Anything that starts with NatGEO instantly has us hooked. It is an aggregation of photos from the National Geographic photo community and allows people to share brilliant stories from around the world. Every single picture is jaw dropping good and pushes you to be a better photographer.

5. @climbingmate

This is a newer find for us, but as soon as we stumbled upon it we loved it. If you are an avid climber or a lover of climbing photography, this is one you definitely have to check out. The pictures are from all over the world and showcase some of the best walls and climbers out there. You’re going to want to grab your chalk bag after 5 minutes of scrolling through this feed!


Christmas in Valencia

There are few cities like Valencia, able to harmoniously combine the remnants of its farthest past, dating to the year 138 BC, with the most innovative and avant-garde buildings from the new millennium. – Spanish tourist board

If you take a good dash of history and a big handful of art and mix it all up you will end up with the beauty of Valencia. This city has it all; charming back streets, massive ancient  city gates, graffiti to die for and wine like you have never tasted. Valencia is in our top 5 cities to visit because you can never get bored of all it has to offer.So it seemed like the right choice for us to immerse ourselves in the festivities here over the christmas period. Continue reading “Christmas in Valencia”